Our Mission

We are accelerating the transformation of our financial system to a world powered by digital assets. By solving the foundational challenges of exchange liquidity, asset security, and market transparency, Omega One is bringing institutional capital into the crypto markets, catalyzing the broader adoption of digital assets.

Despite massive growth in crypto markets, exchanges remain illiquid, fragmented, costly to trade on, and open to theft by hacking. Omega One solves these problems by providing a decentralized automated execution system that trades across the world's crypto exchanges.

Alex Gordon-Brander


Omega One FAQ

What is Omega One?

Omega One is building the world’s most advanced trading platform, providing institutions and serious individual traders with low-cost access to market tools usually reserved for the world’s most technically-sophisticated hedge funds: a dark pool, aggregated liquidity, smart order routing, custodial and non-custodial solutions, an advanced signals marketplace, and more.

Is your whitepaper available in other languages?

Not currently; however, we plan to translate the whitepaper into Mandarin, Japanese and German. These editions of the whitepaper will be published on our website once ready.

How do I use the Omega One platform?

The first release of the Omega One platform will be in Q4 2018. To receive regular updates on our technical development, and to request early access, please sign up for our email newsletter and join our Telegram channel.

Will Omega One have a token launch?

We will be holding a token sale in 2018. Please follow us on Telegram for updates.

Will tokens be available for purchase by U.S. citizens?

Yes, provided that purchasers are compliant with current regulation. We will be sharing additional detail on any requirements in the coming weeks.

Will there be a bug bounty program?

Once we are ready to release an early version of our technology, we will announce a bug bounty program. We are looking forward to inviting the community alongside our top-tier engineering and development team to participate in making our technology the strongest it possibly can be.

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